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K-LIFE Blood Pressure Instrument

Model: BPM-104



K-Life BPM-104 is a digital blood pressure monitor (premium model) designed to find out the blood pressure of the user in minutes and with utmost ease of usage with a big LCD backlit color changing display. The cuff of the BP monitor is of premium quality so that the patient feels comfortable while using it. The BP monitor is easy to use and works on one button operation, the patient needs to sit on a chair in a relaxed state, put the cuff on the right arm, 2-3 inches above elbow. Then press the on/off button and sit and wait for the BP monitor to finish taking the blood pressure. It was also measuring the pulse of the patient. The screen of the BP monitor has three colored display blue, orange and red. For healthy patients it will show blue, for borderline patients it will show orange and for high-risk patients it will show red color. It helps people who’re unable to remember the ideal blood pressure readings also get an idea what their blood pressure is like and whether they need to visit a doctor.

Product Specification and Features:

  • Has one-button operation
  • Features low noise
  • 120*2 user memory
  • Has Arrhythmia detection

Contents of Box:

Included Components‏: ‎ Cuff/Bp monitor/batteries.

Additional information:

  • Warranty             1 Year
  • Weight                  2 Kg

Directions For Use: Use as directed.


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