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3 In 1 Vaporizer



3 in 1 steam vaporizer, nose steamer, cough steamer, nozzle inhaler & nose vaporizer vaporizer (blue) vaporizer lets your facial skin breathe and keeps your respiratory problems at bay. This product not just helps you get rid of common cold & cough, it also helps in beauty treatments leaving you with a fresh, glowing skin. The water container of NSC vaporizer has three different attachments- vaporizer, sauna and steamer.

  •  vaporizer: helps in the treatment of common cold, bronchitis allergies and asthma
  • sauna: helps in beauty treatments such as facials, etc.
  • steamer: clears skin and unclogs pores the new vaporizer is easy to use, clean and store. Specifications input special attachments for quick relief from common cold, cough & throat irritation and soft glowing beautiful skin large facial attachment with smooth edges for facial sauna. Smooth edges of nose & mouth attachment for general steam inhalation specially designed attachment for focused steam useful for kids and elderly, auto low water cut off.
  • How to use vaporizer :
    1) please fill the water on bottom flask. Please do not use RO water at all.
    2) now plug in the wire . Switch on
    3) if you want to use facial mask, please fit the facial mask before turning on the machine. Same for nose mask.
    4) within 1-2 mins, vapor will start generating


  • General
    Suitable f or adult, child, old age
  • Purpose
    Respiratory/Healthcare Treatment
  • To be Used With
    Do not use RO/Filter water as it stops the steam generation process . Always Use Normal Tap
    Water .
  • Application
    Relief From Common Cold, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Stuffy Head, Nose Condition, High Fever, Asthma, Laryngitis, Throat Irritation.
  • Material
    High Quality Durable Plastic.
  • Waterless
  • Sales Package
    1 Steam Vaporizer, 1 Nozzle Inhaler, 1 Nose Vaporizer


  • Attachments Included
    1 main unit and 3 attachments consisting of Nasal Unit and Facial Unit
  • Scent Pads Included
  • Night Light
  • Operation Time
    5 – 10 Minute
  • Power Input
    230V 50Hz
  • Power Consumption
    120 W
  • Other Features and Functions
    It is suitable for respiratory ailments therapy , aromatherapy , cold nose and throat         treatment,   bronchitis, laryngitis, hay fever, arthritis & asthma . Key Product Features
    Other Features

1) Vaporizer: Helps In The Treatment Of Common Cold, Bronchitis Allergies And Asthma

2) Sauna: Helps In Beauty Treatments Such As Facials, etc

3) Steamer: Clears Skin And Unclogs Pores The New Vaporizer Is Easy To Use, Clean And Store. Specifications Input Special Attachments For Quick Relief From Common Cold, Cough & Throat Irritation And Soft Glowing Beautiful Skin Large Facial Attachment With Smooth Edges For Facial Sauna.

Contents of Box:

  • 1 Steam Vaporizer
  • 1 Nozzle Inhaler
  • 1 Nose Vaporizer

Additional Information:

Weight :     2kg


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