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Bmc Resmart Gii Auto CPAP With Humidifier

Model: ReSmart GII Auto CPAP with Humidifier



ReSmart GII CPAP system is a brand new intelligent CPAP device, suitable for home and clinic therapy of obstructive sleep apnea (osa). Its intelligent platform helps you breathe comfortably and enjoy your sleep.


  • Dimensions: 170 × 196 × 118 mm; 290 × 196 × 134 mm (with humidifier)
  • Weight:  1.5 kg; < 2.5 kg (with humidifier)
  • Mode of Operation: Continuous
  • Work Mode: Standard CPAP & Auto CPAP
  • SD Card: capacity ≥2G
  • AC Power Consumption: 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0 A max
  • Pressure Range: 4 to 20 hPa(in 0.5hPa increments), ≤30 hPa under single fault conditions
  • Pressure Display Accuracy: ±(0.5 hPa+4%)
  • Ramp: from 0 to 60 minutes
  • Sound Pressure Level: <30dB, when the device is working at the pressure of 10 hPa.
  • Sound Power Level: <38dB, when the device is working at the pressure of 10 hPa.
  • Tube Length: 6 ft. (1.83m)
  • Heater Settings: 1 to 5(95 to 167°F/ 35 to 75°C)


  • Innovative tracking technology ensures accurate and comfortable therapy
  • Unique sensitivity setting offers individual therapy algorithm, makes every user get the most comfort
  • Ramp capabilities allow a 0-60 minutes time period with adjustable ramp starting pressure.
  • Auto on/auto off.
  • Alert when accidental power off.
  • In time alert function when mask/tubing off line.
  • Automatic leakage and altitude compensation.
  • Unique delay-off feature protects resmart from humidity hazard.
  • Icode feature (web based, smartphone app) provides the most convenient remote retrieval of sleep data.
  • One button to review the treatment information of last day.
  • 3.5-inch color LCD display.
  • With an exquisite control knob.
  • Google play and app store apps.

Contents of Box:

  • CPAP Device
  • Humidifier
  • Mask (If selected)
  • Tubing
  • SD Card
  • Travel Bag
  • Filters
  • Adaptor

Additional information:

  • Warranty             2 Year
  • Weight                  5 Kg


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