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Twelve Channel Ecg Machine 10.2″

Model: ECG 12i



ECG 12i is a 12.1″ inch color screen with touch operations usb flash disk & sd memory pc review & print.


  • Simultaneously acquisition of 12 lead,
  • full screen display of 12 channel ECG waveforms.
  • 12.1” color touch-screen,
  • full touch operation. Defibrillation protection and Pacemaker detection. Sensitive filters of ADS, HUM, and EMG.
  • Automatic measurement, calculation, analysis, waveform freezing. Auto-analyze and auto-diagnostic can reduce doctor’s burden and improve working efficiency.
  • Automatic adjustment of baseline for optimal recording.
  • Thermal printer with 216mm print paper, synchronization print. Lead o ff& lack o ffpaper detection function. Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery (14.8V/4000mAh), AC/DC power conversion. Adapt to 100-240V, 50/60Hz AC power supply Historical data and patient’s information can be reviewed and printed.
  • Support USB flash disk, stored reports can be saved, opened, analyzed in PC. The machine can store over 400 ECG reports inside. Connect with PC via ECG workstation software by USB or RS232. LAN can be chosen.
  • Sleep mode to save energy and extend LCD life.
  • The device can record real-time 12 leads ECG waveform continually.
  • The remark includes: lead sign, sensitivity, paper speed, filter state, etc. Portable design with hidden handle, convenient to carry.
  • 7 level printing thick can be chosen.


  • 12.1″ inch color LED touch screen display
  •  Modern in design, light in weight, compact in design
  • The machine can store over 500 ECG reports in its built in flash
  •  7 level printing thickness can be chosen
  • Support USB flash disk and SD memory stored reports can be saved, opened, analyzed in PC via ECG software
  • Standard RS 232 and USB communication interface
  •  Historical data & patient’s information can be received and printed

Additional Information:

  • One Year Warranty


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